Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ozeri Instavac Product Review

2014 +Stacie Wyatt Instavac Storage Ozeri
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I reviewed the Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container Set, BPA-Free 8-Piece Nesting Set with Vacuum Seal and Locking Lids. I wanted to review because I love food storage containers. I am also tired of food going bad too quick, especially vegetables.

The instavac comes with interesting features:

  • Keeps food fresh without complication. NO pumps or motors. Once you place food in the bin and snap the sides, you simple press down in the center of the lid. Air comes out. There is a little green button, which depresses when the air is out. When you open the container, the green button pops back up. 
  • Has a date dial. Simply turn the dial to the current day of month. 
  • Wave pattern on the bottom which keeps cut fruit and veggies from water and juices.
  • The containers are microwavable. My son had a great time microwaving the containers lol (see problems section). 

For the review, I decided to see how long it would take for Tomatoes and Avocados to go bad in the containers. I bought a few extra to test. The veggies was in the fridge two weeks before going bad. I provided 3 pictures of the veggies gone bad.

2014 @ Stacie D. Wyatt 2 weeks experiment

One problem I had was the date dial. The first few times, it was easy to adjust the dial. The next few times, I had serious issues with my fingers moving the dials.

I also had an issue with the green button popping up while in the fridge. Turned out, my son was opening the containers to eat the food. I thought I was losing my mind before discovering what he was up too.

Some relatives, like my son Brad, used my containers as plates, instead of food storage.

Finally, my midget, aka the destructor aka the two year old, aka Kalen, discovered a way to pop off the green button and the date dial on one of the containers.

Ozeri products are sold on Amazon. The instavac is sold in a 8 piece set (4 Instavac food storage containers and lids). The products are prime-eligible.

2014 +Stacie Wyatt  2 week experiment
2014 +Stacie Wyatt 2 week experiment


  1. I also did a review of Ozeri's Storage Containers and I really enjoyed them. I now use them everyday!

    1. @Louida Thank you for responding. I replaced by test tomatoes with new ones. Definitely will be using the biggest one a lot.

  2. Good review, I too hate losing food to spoilage but my tomatoes and Avocados are eaten pretty quickly - thanks to my daily salads.


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