Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pleygo Lego Rental Subscription Program Review (US Family Guide Bloggers Program)

I reviewed Pleygo, in exchange for honest review from US Family Guide. The company sent me the City Park Cafe set from my wishlist. The set took me about 2 hours to put together, with the help of my nephew. Then, we quickly broke it apart and put it back in the box. I chose this set for me, but my next set will hopefully be a Duplo Set, so the babies can help.

Pleygo is an innovative concept, which allows parents and guardians to rent legos for a monthly fee. When the kids are done with the set (or you get tired of them), you can send them back and get another set from your wishlist. The site has three plans available: Fan, Super Fan, and Mega Fan. The Fan is $15 a month, the Super Fan is $25 per month, and the Mega Fan is $39 dollars per month. For those of you wanting Duplo Sets for the young kids, The Super Fan or Mega fan plans would be ideal. The Fan set does not offer Duplo.

The Fan set offers small and medium lego sets. The Super Fan offers small, medium, and large lego sets. The Mega Fan offers small, medium, large, and huge sets. The City Cafe Set had about 250 pieces.

Another idea is to gift Pleygo to a child or children.

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