Monday, October 7, 2013

Hot Moody Mess Write-Up (Business to Blogger)

I reviewed Hot Moody Mess, in response to a campaign on Business to Blogger. This is a sponsored post.

Hot Moody Mess is a 60 day health and Wellness program geared toward women. The 60 day program is good for women, who:

  • Feel and look more tired
  • Has a hormonal imbalance, which is affecting mood
  • Has a food sensitivity issue, which is affecting mood. 
  • Who desire more than just a content life and want more. 
  • Feel like she has lost her sexiness. 
  • Need a detox. 
  • Wants to lose weight. 

The 60 day program offers recipes, workouts, handouts, and audio classes. You also get two boxes of freebies delivered to your home, in addition to discounts on future services needed. The price is 299.00 and the next round starts October 14, with enrollment ending today for early bird pricing.

Hot Moody Mess offers a 4 week quick start program and a 90 day transformation program also. The 4 week quick start includes a weekly phone session with materials; healthy freebies, delivered to your home, and e-mail support. The price for the 4 week quick start is $249 dollars.

The 90 day transformation program includes 4, 50 minutes phone calls, materials, a 7 day detox book, in addition to the freebies delivered to your home. The 90 day program is $499.99

The website also offers a personalized quick plan, which offers a 90 minute consultation, in addition to a plan customized for you. The plan will include recipe ideas, diet changes, lifestyle changes, and exercise plans. The quick, personalized plan is $199.00. This plan would be perfect for me.

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