Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Matcha DNA Green Matcha Tea Product Review (Business 2 Blogger)

I reviewed Matcha DNA Powdered Green Matcha Tea for Business 2 Blogger.  I was sent 34 individually wrapped pouches in the mail. This post contains Amazon affiliate links/images.

I first heard of Matcha Tea awhile back. I had gotten a few samples in the mail from a website. The tea was delicious. I learned that Matcha tea is not just made for drinking, but it can be used in recipes, such as smoothies and ice cream.

Matcha Tea is organically and sustainably grown. The tea tasted simple and delicious. It didn't contain all the extra. The tea is also high in antioxidants. I also learned from the back of the package that one glass of Matcha DNA is equal to 10 glasses of green tea (nutritional value and antioxidants.).

The product is currently 19.71 on Amazon and is Prime Eligible.

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