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I and the Great Divide by Fiona McGlynn

I read i and the Great Divide (The Love Letter Series) in exchange for honest review. The book was written by Fiona McGlynn. The book was also illustrated by Robin Urquhart. I was provided a pdf copy of the book. This post does contain Amazon affiliate links and images.

Creator’s bios:(from media kit)

Fiona McGlynn-Author

Fiona grew up on the West Coast with a love of stories. Like i, Fiona's family changed when she was young. Fiona found this hard at the time but later realized that it had all worked out for the best. She wrote "i and the Great Divide" to help others with changing families. Fiona loves to play ukulele, climb rocks, sail boats, and curl up with a good cup of tea and a book.

Robin Urquhart-Illustrator

Robin was born and raised in Canada’s great white North. His father, a well-known Northern cartoonist, instilled in him a love for bringing stories to life through pictures. In addition to drawing, he loves animals, climbing and playing music. Robin lives in an igloo (not true) and takes a dogsled to school everyday (also not true).

My Review:

The book helps children, who are going through divorce heal. My parents are divorced, but they did not get divorced until I was 24 years old. I took it different from the kids in the story because I was happy Arlene and Willie got divorced. I personally believe those two should have never gotten married. The marriage had tons of issues, and most of them have never been resolved. For example, my father denies he ever cheated on my mother, but he has Martina, my 18 year old half-sister.

Another favorite tale was those two opened up a bank account and both parties would not tell the other what they got out, which lead to a lot of negatives and over withdrawals.

Anyway, back to the book:

The book is about the alphabet letters, who come together to form words: word friends, families, groups, etc. i (used in lowercase in the book) is one of those special letters. was part of the family tin. She was happy. Her family spent a lot of time together making words, such as tinsel and tin soldiers. Then, one day, the n wanted something different: a capital letter. n wanted to become N. i's family was now fighting and i thought she was the cause of the problem and wanted to resolve her family's issues.

No matter what she did, it did not resolve the fighting between t and n. i also started to change for the worse. She started acting out. T and N are still fighting for most of the book

i felt sad, unloved, and depressed. She thought she was doing something wrong. She tried to resolve her families problems.

Read the book to learn how she tried to resolve her families problems, how she acted out, and how the family finally came together and found peace.

I liked reading the book. It was a quick read. There are also discussion questions at the end of the book.

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