Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Relaxation CDs By Jeff Gold Product Review

I received Escapes by Jeff Gold, in addition to Sleep Well for Kids: Relax at bedtime CD's in exchange for honest review. Jeff responded to my post on PitchRate for Autism products and supplies. I have bought relaxation cds before (the infamous Autism CD) and it irritated me more than the kids. It had two sounds I am not a fan of: Thunder and lightning. The CD calmed my kids, but caused me a headache.

About Jeff Gold: (copied from Email)

California native Jeff Gold is a composer/musician who creates imagery through music; images that are emotional and melodic, restorative and uplifting. He composes soulful relaxing instrumentals which have received the attention of Wellness Centers, Spas and Music Therapists for their tranquil and healing qualities. Combining beautifully arranged acoustic guitars, piano, strings and flutes, Jeff has released two CD's "Soul of a Mountain" in 2006, and "Escapes" in 2009. Both area soothing and relaxing collection of melodies ideal for music therapy, yoga, massage, scenic drives or just winding down.

Jeff's 14-year old special needs nephew, Russell, became a big fan of these soothing instrumentals because they help to calm his overstimulation. Russell then passed his uncle's music on to his other friends on the autistic spectrum and they found that it is helpful to them as well. Jeff is also a contributing writer and music advisor to EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT resorts, located throughout Europe and Asia, researching and writing articles on the physical, mental and therapeutic effects that are possible with music.

Jeff composes and arranges all of his own music, playing the guitars and pianos, and creating other instrumental sounds by computer. He also does his own mixing, mastering and editing; a skill he perfected as a television editor for shows like MTV's Making the Video, Baywatch, MadTV, and The Office. Jeff has also teamed up with hypnotherapist, Janet Montgomery to produce seven guided imagery CD's for The Live Well Series. Topics include sleeping soundly, stress management, and coping with cancer treatment.

Escapes Review:

Escapes has acoustic guitars, piano, strings, and flutes. I liked Escapes because it was simply music and no vocals. It is a beautiful, instrumental CD. One of my favorites was Del Playa, the first song. I think I can hear piano and strings.

Escapes is $7 for download and $12 for the CD. The CD is a little over 60 minutes long.

Sleep Well for Kids CD
Sleep Well for Kids Review:

The Sleep Well CD is a guided relaxation CD. It is narrated by Janet Montgomery with music by Jeff Gold.

It requires participation from the children. The CD requires them to have an active imagination/visual imagery as well. The children are going on a journey. The first step is to get comfortable and snuggly. Then, take a nice deep breathe in and out. They can close eyes, relax face, relax neck, and loose shoulders.  Children have to picture trees, flowers, the butterflies. Bubbles popping. You can blow away your worries, concerns, problems.

The CD is $15 dollars. The CD is about 30 minutes long.

Social Media:

Website: http://www.jeffgoldmusic.com
website: http://www.livewellseries.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livewellseries

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