Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rain Gun Summer Book Review (Tomoson).

I read Rain Gun Summer, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The book was written by John Blackport. I received a paperback version of the book. The book is a thick book, but the scenes move fast.

About the book:

The Book is a "heroic fantasy novel". The main character is Rick Rivoire, who has plenty of money and women. He works as a Raingun, a elite cavalry unit. A rebellion soon hits the nation. Rick can either end up on a prison ship or dead. The book is intended for Adults only. The book contains graphic violence and sex scenes.

My review: 

The book is action-packed from the beginning. The first scene--Rick is rescuing hostages. One of the funniest lines on page 1 was I got the money, Rick blurted, waving the jug. :And wine. Rick saved what was important LOL. A fight then ensued with Rick fighting pirates using spells and hand-to-hand combat. Chapter 1 ends in  a shocker. 

Also, from what I understand, People have 5 gifts. Each time an individual dies, they lose a gift when they are revived. The people can die five times. The book is also not meant for skimming. You need to read the book or you will miss a scene. I skimmed first to get a gist of the book, but had to start over and slowly read each scene. The book also does not go in chronological order. It does have back scenes. 

Now what really stands out about the book is the back pages. The author provides a royal calender, which the book follows; an explanation of currency used in the book; a glossary, and the makers plan. The maker's plan explains the book more in detail. 

As I was saying earlier, people are born with five gifts or lives. One life is lost with each death. When they lose their last gift, death is now permanent and they are not brought back to life. Permanently dead people are considered "giftless". When someone dies, they end up at temple, where they are brought back to life and they are protected from all criminal misdeeds, which occurred during the last death. 

Also, each chapter starts with a date. The royal calender comes in handy. The calender consists of 19 months with 19 days. 
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