Monday, August 19, 2013

I am Second Blog Campaign

url.jpgI am participating in the I am Second Blog Campaign, courtesy of FlyBy Promotions Blogger Network. I received a t-shirt and bracelet for participation.

About I am Second:

I have heard of I am second prior to this campaign. I loved the work everyone was doing. I was happy to be chosen for this campaign. I have to learn to put God first, instead of myself. I can be selfish at times, where I feel I have to rely on me first, because I don't trust others or I feel no one can do it the way I can. Sometimes I can be impatient. God should be the first person, I talk to every morning and last one, I should talk to every night. God should be apart of every decision. I am involved in.

The campaign involves actors, athletes, drug addicts, Business leaders, musicians, and regular, everyday people, struggling. Some are struggling with drugs, alcohol, abortion, anger, child abuse, cancer, etc. The stories provide hope, inspiration, peace, and fulfillment all from a Christian perspective. The mission is to put God first and you second.

Information from the website:

I am Second is a movement to inspire people to live for God and for others.

You can Call, chat, or email I am Second, 24 hours a day.

You also can talk with people about your life, your struggles. 

Share the vision of I am Second. Share the Videos. Discuss the films.

Start an I am Second Group. Volunteer. Serve. Organize. Follow on Facebook, Twitter.

About Seconds Change:

You can help I am second raise money to develop, produce, and promote new films. Commit $2 every Tuesday to support Seconds Change. Become a fan on Facebook.

Social Media:


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