Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7th, 2013

Today has been a rough day mentally and physically. Saturday Night, Kalen dropped my phone in the toilet. It happened quick. One minute I was sending photos from my phone to email, and the next, my niece telling me she saw my phone in the toilet and she fished it out. I cracked phones before, but never had a water logged one. Immediately put the phone in rice. The rice was already in a bowl because my great niece dropped my niece's phone in the toilet a few days before. My niece had to get a new phone.

I could not access my camera, my photos, my texts. The number and letter system was messed up. I typed in 1, i got 1234. Couldnt get my contacts, but could log on the internet. I stayed up all night because my alarm on my phone, so I would not miss church. Got dressed. and then realized, my church does confirmation calls for transportation before showing up. Tried to turn on the phone. it came on, but my carousel was down and my contact list would not show up (since it is a part of the carousel. Insight: use brad's phone to check my voicemail to see if the deacons left a message. nothing.  went up stairs and back to bed. slept until 3 pm. I was tired. got up and cooked some eggplant and salad. did some cleaning. now working on a book review. im so behind right now.

I finally turned on the phone this evening. My contact list was back temporarily. I wrote on a piece of paper all my contact names and numbers. Wrote down my appointments.  I also checked the photos and videos, it was working again. quickly, i turned the phone off, put my sd card back in my phone, and copied all the photos and videos to the sd card. some may be duplicates, but i was not willing to lose two years of memories.

I did go on Boost Mobile last nite, after remembering I have phone insurance. I filed a claim and my new innuendo will be here in a few days. Had to pay a $25 dollar deductible. Glad I had money on my card .Maybe they will send an android by mistake :-)

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