Sunday, June 2, 2013

Painting with the Chipmunks

When I go Wal-Marting, I stop in the clearance section. The last visit--Wal-Mart had a sideway sale and I picked up a lot of arts and crafts. Here are some of the pics with the chipmunks (sons, great niece, and nephew). They painted the wooden dog and cat, along with their selves.

 This is Brad. My oldest son. He decided to paint his belly.
 Brad smiling for the cam
 Mother and son.
 the doggie Kalen, Brad, and Riah painted
 Stacie and Brad
 Stacie, Brad's belly, and Riah holding the brushes
 Mother and sons.
 mother and sons
 bad shot. but you can see all the stuff i needed to put up and put away
 Mother and her youngest
 Me, my nephew and the cat
Nephew and the cat
me, brad, eugene, and the cat
me, brad, and eugene, and the cat
Brad Jr

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