Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Netgalley Wellness Challenge Week 4

So, I am part of the NetGalley Wellness Challenge. I been using Netgalley for over a year now. Love their selection of books. One thing I learned early was to read the publisher requirements. Nothing like wanting a book, but being denied because you don't meet the requirements.  Netgalley sent some helpful information in the mail box today. I got the badge on my blog yay. But Do I need to improve my Netgalley Profile?

So, First, I logged in Netgalley and went to my profile. Then, logged into Google Analytics so I can update my ranking information.

Ok, after that, I pulled up this checklist from the NG Blog. The first section includes:

  1. Do your account include your full name? Yes
  2. Is your country listed? Yes
  3. Email address (and visible to publishers)? Yes
  4. Profile Picture? Yes
  5. Company name? Perfect Chaos. Yes
  6. Blog site and URL? Yes
  7. Twitter and Linkedin user names? yes
  8. professional associations and favorite categories? Yes
  9. ALA number for librarians? Does not apply. 
Next section: The Bio

  1. My role at the company. Yes. I am an author, poet, and blogger. I do book and product reviews :-)
  2. How I influence book purchases? This is a good question. I post reviews to my blog. 
  3. Blog stats. Yes, but need to update them. 
  4. Links to where you post reviews. Yes
Finally, the checklist asks about NG activity

  1. Downloading all my approved titles? Yes. even though the first few months of signing up, I missed a few. 
  2. Sharing feedback with publishers. Yes. I am behind on a few though
  3. Including links in the feedback I submit. Yes. 
  4. Receiving NG newsletters. Yes
  5. Receiving a widget or being auto-approved. Yes
  6. Having a netgalley Goal: have no idea what this is. My goal is to read and review books. I wish NG was a little bit like Edelweiss. In the past, When NG archives a book, you can not leave feedback on the book. I can still leave reviews on Amazon, my blog, Goodreads, Shelfari, and Librarything, but not on the website. With Edelweiss, you can still leave reviews even after the books are archived. So, I went to the NG FAQ's. It said you can still leave feedback, if you go to your activity, click on older, archived items, and then add the book to your shelf. then start feedback. YAY. I have a lot of reviews for NG items on Amazon that have no feedback on NG

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