Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fortress of Mist book review

120 x 600I read Fortress of Mist, in exchange for review from Blogging for Books. The book was written by Sigmund Brouwer and published by WaterBrook Press. The book is part two to the Orphan King (which I need to read). I chose the book because I loved the description. The book is about Thomas, the new king of Magnus. He is orphaned. Thomas's parents died during The Orphan King. Thomas is being haunted by Isabella, who wants access to the castle's library. She also wants Thomas to show allegiance to the symbol and join the symbol's alliance. Thomas wanted no part of the alliance. (For some reason, this sounds similar to the mark of the best. Either you pledge allegiance to Christ and face death or the Anti-Christ and live).

I liked reading the book. I had to stop and start over a few times, but it is a good book. I definitely have to buy the Orphan King to fill in the missing blanks and questions I have. The book is descriptive. It is fantasy, medieval, adventure, and exciting. 

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