Wednesday, June 12, 2013

eMeals Plan Review

I received an eMeals dinner meal plan, in exchange for honest review.

The company sent me a free year of dinner plans for their blogger program. I love to cook and eat, but I need to have portion control. Also, need to stop snacking and exercise more. I was undecided between the portion control and the simple gourmet plan, but I can switch anytime.

About the company:

eMeals provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner solutions for people, who want to save time and money, in addition to spending more time with friends and family. The company provides way to be organized, have a well-managed grocery budget, and enjoy more healthier meals at home.

To sign up for eMeals, you go to the website: Go to see meal plans and review the plans. The types of dinner plans include:
  1. Classic
  2. Clean Eating
  3. Paleo
  4. Simple Gourmet
  5. Vegetarian
  6. Gluten Free
  7. Low Carb
  8. Low Fat
  9. Slow Cooker (Clean Eating and Classic)
  10. Natural and Organic
  11. Portion Control
The website also offers lunch and breakfast. Did not see Dessert :-). You also will choose a family plan: 1-2 people or more. I chose the 3-6 because my youngest has to eat too. Plus, the house has other people living here, who may be hungry too.  If you are undecided, you can view the sample meal plans. 

The sample meal plan includes the meals, ingredients, and instructions. One meal on the portion control plan was Veggie Pita Pizzas. The recipe is for 6 pizzas, with a serving size of 2. The meal is complete with a wedge salad. The recipes are simple. I will have to modify a slice for my  nephew since he is allergic to wheat, in addition to being a vegetarian. 

Next, you will choose a grocery store. I shop at Wal-mart and HEB, but chose Wal-Mart, just in case I am there. You pay for your plan and it's available for immediate download. You can also place a referral badge on your blog or sign up as an affiliate through Commission Junction

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