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Mortimus Walker and the Secret of the City of White Book Review and Tour.

I read Mortimus Walker and the Secret of the White City, in exchange for review from Charisma Media Network. The book was written by Zach Turner. The book's genre is science fiction.

1z-winner-elevator-2.jpgAbout the book: Paraphrased from the media kit

Morty is a One, who worked as a laborer, has worked a long time. When Morty reaches 60 years old, he expects to retire and make a trip through the clouds to White City, where he will start a new life as a One-Two. He worked hard for decades without taking a sick day. Once, in the White City, He will receive a new body and a reward, but once processing begins for the transformation, things start to go wrong.

My review: 
The book started off good. Morty worked as a laborer and his 60th birthday was a few weeks away. Soon Morty would be in Haven (I wonder if this is a play on Heaven). Haven was beautiful. A White palace with floors of marble and pearl, even a pool house and a game room. He also wanted to find love. Marty would get his brain transferred into a new body, and he will return to a younger age. Mortimus will keep his memories though.

Jobs were also based on genetic and mental profiles. Everything was done by machines, since machines was never wrong. They chose your jobs, your liquor, and your life. You swiped purchases and entered your homes with a card. Even your sexuality was chosen in advance. Some people was born sterile. All sexual relations required filing of a report to track sexually transmitted diseases ( I wonder if that would work today. How many people would file a report with everyone they had sex with?) If someone spread a contagious STD, they could face termination. Anyway, Morty reaches 60 and begins his trip to the White City, where he gets a new card and a new life.

I liked the book. It was descriptive. I assume that because this was a review copy, the pages were short, which made for easy reading. I was a little confused on the number system though. What defined a One? Two? A One Two? a Two-One? Morty said Two's were spoiled. Ones-Two's, who  used to be One's loved their job and continued to work their job after the transformation. Two-Ones did not like to talk about their old life because they missed it too much. Two's also can maintain their family structure. They also lived the life of luxury. The two's worked and raised their kids, but just lived in the lap of luxury.

About the Author:copied from the media kit
author.jpgZach Turner is a writer, teacher, and traveler.  He's a fan of punk music no one else listens to and loves to make people think and laugh.  Often one causes the other and both are essential to living.  He has worked as a game tester and taught as a professor at USC before training nurses as a Clinical Educator.  He now scours the globe looking for adventure and getting hopelessly addicted to nerdy TV shows. He runs a blog about multi-tasking and finance on and when he's not traveling (rare), enjoys a good purple margarita in Austin, TX.

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