Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Challenge to write 5/7/ 2013

Your favorite activity besides blogging…

I like to read and write. I love books. I love to write poetry. I like all sorts of books (Christian, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, romance, drama, thriller, business, psychology, special needs, etc). I been a fan of reading since forever. My mother taught me to read at a young age. I was a fan of Danielle Steel, E.Lynn Harris, Alex Haley, John Grisham, and other authors at a young age. I have read 1000s or more page books within 24 hours (i.e. The Left Behind Series, Book 13). I also started writing poetry at a young age. I don't have any of my earlier work. Accidently left it behind in Georgia and it is gone now. I have written published poetry and short stories. If anyone wants to review Chocolate Kisses, Love.Lust.Life, or any of the books on Smashwords, let me know and I will generate a free code for you. 

Chocolate Kisses was dedicated to a former addicktion of mine. I thought I was in love with him, but I was really in strong lust with his penis. Writing the book was hard but it became therapy for me.

Love.Lust.Life was another collection of poetry. I wrote on various topics. Some was dedicated to people. Anyway, LLL required me to dig deep and write real feelings about real topics. 

Conversations with Normality was a short story I wrote for a contest on Lulu. It was semi-fictional based on a conversation I had with my oldest, who is autistic and ADHD. 

Conversations with Sexuality was a short story, I wrote to deal with some feelings I had about my celibacy. 

Miscarried was a short story, I wrote to deal with some feelings, I had during my last miscarriage in 2009. Had my first one in 2005. Still dealing with feelings, which arise every now and then. 

Conversing with Salvation was a short story, I wrote about my oldest. I wondered how he can be saved, if he may not understand God's grace and mercy.

First attempt, was a short story I wrote for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but I never finished it. 

Conversations First edition combines Normality, Miscarried, and Salvation into one edition. Later, I added First Attempt and Sexuality, but didn't realize I didn't edit the first book, until it was published. So Conversations Second Edition has all the short stories. 

I was working on a blog-type book about raising special needs kids, but my laptop is down, and I can not find the updated file on Google drive. Hopefully, it will be working soon. 

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