Saturday, April 20, 2013

Simply not interested

I am happily awaiting the day when Boost Mobile gets call block. My phone lets me block people if they send a text first, but not people, who are simply getting on my last nerves. Some days, I pray some people will just send me a text........Anyway, I do have a do not answer contact with a do not answer ringtone. It is not just reserved for men, it is reserved for that annoying magazine company. My bill is current and cheap, but they are trying to get me to increase my payments to more than 4x the current amount to pay it off this year. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't need to be called more than 5x a day, to tell you HELL NO. 30 is a good deal compared to trying to pay 170 for 6 or so months for five mag subscriptions.

Some dude, who I spoke to, once, called me yesterday. I don't remember why I saved his number as do not answer, but it must be good. I don't even know his name because he says it so low. Ronnie, Rondell, Romeo, Rodeo, Ricky, Romere, etc etc etc. He also wants to meet, but I am not feeling that. Maybe that's why I DNA'ed him. This man called after 9 at night, talking about coming over. no, thank you. I got to clean for therapy in the morning and get some sleep. But, why can't i come over for a few minutes. (BECAUSE I DONT KNOW YOU FOOL. I don't know your name. I don't want you around my kids).

Fast forward to another pest: met him on Badoo, talk to him on FB. African, I thinks. Older, but beggy. There is nothing cute about begging unless your last name is Sweat and/or you a 90s R&B solo artist or band member. Hey, Joe, Shazam, G.I, Jodeci, Hi-Five, Troop, Rude boys, and Solo, plus a few others, can beg to me at any time, for the price of a cd, tape, or mp3. Baby won't you just say for a little while longer. Let me be your Pac-Man; full-time lover; part time lover; one life stand; candy girl; Take me back, Im finally back, Don't want to leave, need your love, etc etc

This man wants a relationship. He wants a girlfriend. He is not happy with his job because he has no one to spend money on. He tried to call me on skype when I was not logged in. He sends multiple messages saying the same thing, in a row, when he can't reach me. (If no one answers, Im not home or online.) Hey, Hi, hello, are you there> (if it says message not read yet, then I am not). He is not what I am looking for. Told him so, but he is still persistent, on the verge of annoying.

As you can tell, I am very open about wants and needs. Nothing wrong with persistence and dedication, if you truly want and desire it. But I find something wrong with a woman (or man) being very clear and direct about their wants and needs and no one listens. For example, I don't want any more kids, hence I got fixed. I  am not going to date someone, who wants kids or undecided about having kids. Would not be fair to both parties. Don't ask me out. Don't pursue me. Go for someone, who is more compatible.

Don't try to date the person, who does not want a relationship
Don't try to date the person, who is in a relationship and wants FWBs
Don't try to date the person, who wants kids and you don't
Don't try to date the person, who does not want kids, and you do
Don't try to date the person, who is hesitant about meeting.
Don't try to date the person, if their profile or texts or ims or face to face conversations don't meet your basic needs.

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