Thursday, April 18, 2013

Read my profile Part 2

There is nothing more annoying than when someone asks you a question, which is clearly answered in a profile, whether dating or social or even Google. Someone called me today. Asked me all the wrong questions (right questions, just most of these were answered if he simply read)

 Here are some redundant questions:

1. What's your name? ( Ask that before you call lol)
2. How old are you?
3. Do you have a picture? Plenty of pictures online on every website I am on. Are you telling me you didn't look at any of them?
4. Do you have kids?
5. Do you have a job
6. Do you really have a STD? (Yeah, if I am going to lie, I would lie about being clean and wanting tons of sex. I also want 10 kids and a house in the hills, near the water). 

Another thing, which irritated me was when he asked if I had a FB profile. I said yes. Then, he asked for user name. I said Stacie Wyatt. He said he did not understand. So, I started spelling it out for him. S is for sucks talking to you. T is for trouble. A is for annoying. C is for crazy. I is for ice cream. E is for egg. Then, before I got to my last name, he said he could not find me. WTF? How can you find someone if you a) didnt understand when I said my user name? and B) didn't let me finish spelling it out? Of course you won't find me. Ok, dummy, I can text you my user name or email it to you online. 

Of Course, the call ended short

Anyway, I feel that if I take the time to write a profile, a man should at least read part of it, if not all of it. No point in asking questions, when the answers are online. 

Stacie D. Wyatt

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