Saturday, April 6, 2013

Learning to Love

I read Learning to Love, in exchange for review from Bethany House. The book was written by Heidi and Rolland Baker and published by Chosen Books,  a division of Baker Publishing Group.

The book discusses ministry in Africa. The authors founded Iris Ministries (since 1980) and are located in Mozambique. The book's introduction discusses how Iris Ministries was started in the United States and later expanded to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. They finally did mission work in Mozambique in the 1995. The authors mentioned a little girl, amputee, whose grandma wanted her stoned to death because the girl lacked use to the family. The girl had to sell her body for food and water. The authors realized helping her was an act of love.It was the gospel. I loved the story. It was compassionate, moving, inspirational. It was God's hand moving mountains. Showing love to someone don't require much. People need help, despite outward appearances. God can use anyone to do his work, his will. God can use anyone for the glory of the Kingdom.

I chose the book because it was different. I been reviewing more books lately, which has an higher purpose. I do not always need to read fiction. I can read Christian, Business, Childrens, etc. I can read books, which build me up and expand my knowledge base. The first 20 pages grabbed my attention big time. The book had four sections: passion and compassion; joy and suffering; going even lower; and not by might. The book was also less than 200 pages with Adobe Digital Editions. The book also has beautiful pictures of children throughout the book. The pictures are in black and white.

The book discussed God's love, joy, faith, hope, goodness,  grace, mercy, compassion. It also discussed serving others. The book also discusses developing a relationship with God. This was a great read. The book also discussed Heidi and Rolland's mission work in Africa. A wedding was the start of part 1. The authors helped plant churches, worked with the deaf, fed the hungry, and brought recorded  and print bibles to the pastors and the communities. The book also discussed the downfalls of doing God's work. The authors discussed how three pastors was beaten and how the government confiscated homes. Trucks were destroyed and had an angry mob wanting to stone a pastor. Doing the work of the Lord is not an easy one, but the rewards are great.

Finally, I liked the time to reflect at the end of each section. The time to reflect presents a bible verse for mediation.

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