Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Defiant Brides

I read Defiant Brides, in exchange for review from Edelweiss. The book was written by Nancy Rubin Stuart. The book was also published by Beacon Press. The book discussed women, who married some interesting men like Benedict Arnold and Henry Knox. Arnold was in the military and then betrayed his country, while Knox was a book seller and patriot. Lucy was married to Knox and Peggy was married to Arnold. Lucy and Peggy are the central characters in the book. Both wives were also dedicated (and supported) their husband's causes.

I have heard of Benedict Arnold before, but I barely recall Henry Knox. I do love how the book focuses on the women, the wives, instead of the men. Most of history, I read, focuses on the men's accomplishments during military wars but don't really focus on how the women were affected. Peggy had to put up with insults, taunts, and isolation because of her husband's actions. Lucy faced the death of 10 of her kids (which I am sympathetic towards). Lucy also wanted an equal say in the household, despite Knox's command in the army. Peggy showed more restraint towards her husband--she also referred to him as "The General"

This book was an interesting read. Stuart wanted to show the more human side of Lucy Knox and Peggy Arnold versus their former labels of patriot and traitor. The book shows how women will support and love their husbands, no matter how stupid, dumb, or idiotic they act.

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