Friday, April 5, 2013

Hoover versus Hoover

I have a Hoover Carpet Cleaner. Had it for almost two years. My mother bought it, but I ended up mostly using it. Since, I bought the replacement filters and solutions, It is now mine. My daddy bought one a few weeks ago, not knowing we already had one (since I only clean upstairs). Was not really feeling it because it looked bulky. Not trying to do extra work attempting to push around a vacuum or shampooer. I used it a few days ago for the first time. Brad had an accident on the floor and I did not want to lug my baby downstairs. I also did not want to get on my hands and knees to scrub poop out the floor either.

I have a Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Carpet Cleaner. My daddy has a Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Deep Cleaner. Both of them are Hoovers, which means it is already a good product with good suction. Had no issues with cleaning power with each. I didn't see much of a difference in cleaning though.
About 100 dollar difference between the two. One major difference is the Max Extract is obviously bulkier, but also has a built in hose/pressure washer. I loved the pressure washer. It got dirt off the staircase banister, the little ledge on the carpet going up and down the steps. It also got dirt off the steps.  It got gum off my bedroom floor and the game room floor. I also tried to get the cleaner to pick up paraffin wax. I have a scentsy. One of the kids knocked it over while they was sleep months ago. My quick and light did not get all of it up. Neither did the Extract. 

Another big difference: the tanks. With my quick and light, I usually need two or three refills on the water to clean each room to my standards. With the extract, it took 3 or 4 refills of both water and cleaning solution to clean my floor. It also took about 8 tanks to clean the game room, which is huge. ( I cleaned the living room, den, stairs game room, and my room with the Extract to see how well it works). I also noticed the pressure washer nozzle was leaking, while I was cleaning. The water tanks also emptied very, very fast. The attachment, which goes on the nozzle also does not pick up big pieces of carpet debris, such as fish tank rocks or long pieces of carpet hairs (not sure of the fancy term) gum, etc. If you take the attachment off and use the nozzle part only (nozzle plus the hose), it will pick up bigger debris. 

Who won my comparison Test: The quick and light of course. It is lighter. It holds more water. I don't have to refill the tanks as much. As much as I loved the hose on the Extract, it's downfall was the constant back and forth, carrying the tanks for refilling the water and dumping the dirty water. 

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