Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I woke up
Yesterday, oh yesterday was a interesting and part horrible day. I had back to back therapies for the kids, plus the washing machine man was coming for a repair. I woke up at 7 am but did not move out the bed until 9. I was tired. Brad had speech therapy at 11 and Kalen had physical therapy at 1230. I got up, bathed all three kids (sons plus great niece). Moved my office downstairs (laptop, curriculum for Brad, books to review). Cleaned up the den. Then, I got a call from Jose, the speech therapist, because he forgot what time to show up. He is new since last week. Luckily, he lives 15 minutes away and called early enough, not to be late. 
Speech therapy. 
Speech therapy went well. We just started working with Jose last week. Brad has never had in-person, home, speech therapy before, so we are still in the transition process. Previously, Brad had speech therapy in school and online. Jose is working on getting Brad to say A and B, in addition to 1, and 2. The best part was Kalen participated. Kalen just turned 23 months on Saturday. Jose asked Brad to say A. Brad said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Kalen also said AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I was proud of both of them. Kalen also said Ba, when Jose asked Brad to say B. 

Jose left about 12ish. I had about 15 to 20 minutes to re-clean the den and eat before Ms. Sandy arrived. I head into the kitchen to make me a quick snack and saw Sariyah in her walker. She knocked over a soda and was completely wet. I cleaned her up and moved her into the den with Kalen and Brad. Her grandma (my sister) and her great grandma (my mother)--one of them left her downstairs alone. I did not want to keep her, especially during therapy, but my mother and sister--both was sleep. She was fine for the most part, but when she did move, she got in Kalen's way. Finally, heard Rachel (sister) coming out the garage and she came to get her grand baby. 
Physical therapy:
Ms. Sandy was also bringing an assistant to train. Kalen was his first patient in the field. Lucky Me. Kalen did excellent. He used the gait walker. He did his walks with no crying for the first time ever. Her assistant also did an excellent job with Kalen. Not sure who to expect before the next appointment. Sandy said it could be her or her and John, or John alone. Rather have Sandy or Sandy with John, since John still needs training. He wanted to play with the great niece--since he just had a baby 3 months ago. 

The washer man--aka Romeo or Ramon or whatever his name is--because I already forgot. 
Sandy left about 1:49 pm. The washer man supposed to come between 3 and 530. The kitchen and washroom was dirty. Moved all the dishes to the sink and counters. pushed all the trash and other unnecessary junk. Someone had also moved all my daddy's suitcases and clothes into the washroom.  I already knew this was a two hour job, but I knew Romere would not arrive earlier. I got all the laundry room stuff outside on the patio. Cleaned and mopped that floor. Also, moved the washer down some, so it would be easier to get too, once Roberto showed up. 

I swept and mopped half the kitchen. Still have not touched the dishes. It was already 3 pm and no sign of Ricky. I started washing dishes and got that done. Cleaned the counters. Here comes my mother. She screaming because Brad was slamming the door. She also tried to call , but i had the headsets in. I work better when I am listening to music. I was now upset because I am cleaning these rooms for her---the washing machine in her name. Either she wants me to clean--leaving Brad to his own devices--as long as he not messing with his brother or anyone else--or she can clean help me clean or clean it herself.  I understand she trying to sleep for work, but she needs to understand I probably would have cleaned those rooms later on that day, if Richard was not coming. I also needed a much needed nap. Finished cleaning the kitchen and washroom around 4 pm. Sat down to the laptop and checked my email. 5 30 rolls around. No sign of Rojo. Had to call Conns to track his truck. Robbie shows up around 6pm, talking about he thought of cancelling for yesterday, because of traffic. he finally got the washer fixed. and i lugged down all the bags of clothes from upstairs, the bathroom, and my room, which needed cleaning. Made sure to grab my bedding as well. 

was up till 2 am, trying to wash and dry most of my clothes, only to wake up at 7 am to start preparing for today's back to back therapy sessions. did not get up till 8 though. got downstairs to do another load or two. bathed me and my kids. cleaned up the den, kitchen, and living room again. 9 am, no sign of the occupational therapist. she called about 15 minutes late, asking to reschedule for 1230. it is fine with me, but i wouldnt have woke up at 7, if it was not for the braces. Jose shows up at 11 as well. hope today is better than yesterday. 

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