Sunday, April 14, 2013

Avenged by Janice Cantore

I read Avenged by Janice Cantore, in exchange for honest review from Tyndale House. I received a paperback from them a few weeks back. The book is about Officer Carly--she married and a police officer. She is married to Nick, the new head of the gang unit. Nick was previously injured in the line of duty and is happy to return to work. Carly is scared Nick will get hurt again or killed because of double (possible triple) homicide. Carly is also involved in a high profile case involving the Mayor.

The book starts off intense. I was hooked immediately. The Prologue: Three gang members (Crusher, Diondre, and Rojo) decide to take on a deal on their own without the gang's approval. Diondre wanted out the gang but Rojo and Crusher were more appealing to hang with. The boom--you need to read the rest of the prologue for that. The prologue is two pages long. Then, the book moves into the Burke Trial, Carly is involved in. She is scared of the investigation and being on trial for her involvement. Burke murdered a cop. There is also protests near the Marina over new development. Carly and her partner went patrol the Marina area, heard gun shots and found the three gang members (read the book to find out if they are living or dead). The city just hang a gang war years back and still recovering and not ready for the retaliation of a future gang war. The officers are also not sure, which gang was responsible for the crime. Another gang's tags were found at the scene, covering up another gang's tags. I loved this book. The cover art was amazing--wish my books had beautiful, bright, graphics. Carly must depend on God to get through the challenges been thrown at her.

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