Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I don't like you (but can't leave you alone) (my rambling post).

I had two instances, which stood out, where someone told me a group of people did not like me, for whatever reason. A few years ago, 2009, I had just had a miscarriage. My emotions was on a roller coaster. I was in post partum depression, but no one knew about it.  A man, (one-night stand) told me that everyone (one of the social groups I was in/am in) did not like me because I was too sexual (which I was). I was not sure what his intended effect was, but it hurt me more. Normally, this would not bother me because I am an introvert, but my emotions was already messed up. This man didn't know what I was going through mentally and physically, but he felt the need to instant message me. Like, I said, he was a one-night stand. We rarely communicated. The funny part was--at one of the next events--he felt the need to try to strike up a conversation with me and my guest. If you don't like me, leave me alone. Don't pretend when we are around mutual friends and/or family. Don't act like we are like this (++), when we are like this (___________) (That looks like a flat line, don't it :-))

Another incident happened either last year or the year before. A relative told me other relatives did not like me. Now, I am older, wiser, and will take less BS in my life. I am not going to let anyone talk to me any kind of way or do whatever, and not say something back. Yet, the same relatives, who do not like me, come to me, when they need money, computer help, tax help, or something printed out.

The introvert in me, never understood that. If I don't like someone--or Don't want to be bothered--I cut that relationship off. I delete numbers. I remove people from my social media friend lists. I leave them alone. I don't ask them for anything. I don't maintain contact. I don't feel comfortable contacting someone, who I don't like, for whatever reason. I don't like you, but I need you. I can always find someone, even on Craigslist, to complete the task/job/assignment.

For example, my niece, told me she don't want me watching my great niece--for some reason, which had nothing to do with me. Last year, my great-niece crawled down the hallway. Not sure, who was watching her. I was in my room, dealing with my kids, and didn't realize she was in the room, until she bumped her head. She bumped her head and broke a tooth. Some relatives are blaming me for this incident, but not the person, who was supposed to be watching her. I got special needs kids. During meltdown modes, I just don't notice everything. I am trying to calm a kid down. YET, every time I turn around, my great niece has crawled into my room to play OR someone, brings her in here. If you don't want me to watch her, then you will ensure that does not happen. If you don't like me, avoid me. We will be like this (<------- ------->). This is my rambling post. Thought about this for a while, but now I have written it down :-). Have a blessed night.

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