Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Light it up blue


I am the mother of a 12 year old Autistic boy. He was diagnosed at an early age with both Autism and ADHD. I am also the mother of a 22 month boy, who has developmental delays. He has language delays. He also can not walk and has fine motor issues. 
I also run a group on facebook to upload resources on special needs, no matter what they are. I find the information online and share with others. I am a mother of Autism. I am a supporter of Autism.Light it up Blue

Light it up Blue when dealing with one of Brad's meltdowns. Light it up blue when I notice a few autistic traits in Kalen. Light it up Blue when I get paged in church for the boys. Light it up blue when Brad starts adding stuff i dont need in my basket at the store (and have to put it back on the shelves). Light it up blue---Autism Awareness Month. Autism Acceptance Month. Autism.

Light it up blue when I get unwarranted advice from people, who don't have kids or people, who don't have special needs kids. Light it up blue when people stare in the store when Brad acts up or Kalen tries to escape the comfort of his seat. 

Light it up blue no matter if you want acceptance or awareness or a simple break to breathe and get away from the kids

Light it up blue when you have to decide whether or not you want to take the kids out in public. When you pray the kids will not behave worse than normal. When the meds ran out and the refill is not available for a few more days. Light it up blue when you have limited support and limited resources. 

Light it up blue when the meds don't seem to be working. When you need sleep and the kids are extra hyper and active. Light it up blue when Brads' pants all have missing buttons and broken zippers. Light it up when the adult undergarments leak and the bed gets soaked, while the washing machine is waiting on a part. 

Light it up blue when the IEP meeting is running a little too long, while administration is not listening to your ideas and concerns for your own kids

Light it up blue for all the special needs teachers, parents, therapists, and workers (I appreciate all of yall). 

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