Friday, February 22, 2013

Amidst Traffic by Michel Sauret

I read Amidst Traffic, in exchange for review by Michel Sauret. The book was published by One Way Street Productions. I received the paperback from Sauret. I also have the Kindle version and the Smashwords copy, I got on my own, so I can read it on my e-readers and the Kindle, of course.

About the Author: paraphased from the back of the book

Sauret, is an indie author, who was born in Rome, Italy.  Sauret graduated from University of Pittsburgh English writing department. He published "Breathing God", his first novel at 18. He also served as a public affairs specialist and journalist for the United States Army since 2004. Sauret also has won several awards, including Army Journalist of the year in 2008. He also was featured in the Northside Chronicle recently, but I could not find the article online.

My thoughts:

The book is a collection of short stories. First, I liked the coding at the beginning of the book which signified language, violence, or sexual references. The codes were the first thing, which stood out. I wanted to incorporate something similar into my next poetry book, whenever that may be. I loved the stories from Eli and his strange dream in Three Straws. I also loved Voice with a Reason. Trevor's story was emotional and intense. Voice with a Reason details the story of Trevor, voices in his head, and a bank robbery. I was entranced from beginning to end, and the end was not what I was expecting, neither was the middle. Another good story was Blessed are the War People. The story was about Myron, a military journalist, heading to Iraq. He had his camera and ammunition, ready to work, yet getting angry at a woman at the airport.  Myron also got angry at a few soldiers, but with the power of Christ, he forgave them. Though, Myron was in a war-torn country, he recognized the power of God and recognizing the enemy within ourselves.  He seemed to be passive. I saw part of myself in him. Being angry on the inside and not doing anything about it, until it builds up. The stories were descriptive, graphic, and detailed. Definitely would want to see this book in audio format. Next, I loved the cover. It was simply beautiful.

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