Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rosebud Blooming

I read Rosebud Blooming, in exchange for honest review from BookSneeze.The book was written by Nancy Maggio and published by WestBow Press.

I used Reader for PC to read the book and I admit I did not like the panel format, but I loved the book. The book discusses moving forward, even when life has challenges. We need to find ways to move past the pain and depend more on God, during the good times and bad times.

I am not a perfect Christian. I have made plenty of mistakes. Some of my issues, I had to truly rely on God because I could not trust people. As we rely on God, we mature and blossom into more beautiful human beings.

The book presents stories and poems. The first poem was simply beautiful. It was entitled Unfolding this rosebud. The poem was saying the author was a rosebud, who could not grow because she was in so much pain. Her heart was hurting. She needed God to help unfold the rosebud and to help her grow, otherwise she would wither away and die. Seeking God and maintaining a relationship will also require maturity, wisdom, and and trust.

The other stories and poems have a reoccurring theme of listening and depending on God. One of the first stories discusses hearing a voice in the woods, and thinking it was grandma. Nancy and her brother heard the voice and ran towards it because her brother was hurt. The voice was God because their grandma did not know the kids were missing. Another good story involved an unplanned pregnancy and the boyfriend wanted an abortion; child molestation; single parenting; child illness; depression,  and addiction

The book, discusses finding freedom in letting the past go. We have to free those old skeletons in the closet and give God the burdens, worry, and baggage. Let God handle our problems. I really enjoyed reading this book. I did identify with some of the author's stories and poems, especially on single parenting,, depression, and addiction.

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