Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Better in Parenting Two

Getting Better in Parenting Part Two

  • Troubled Kids is an ancient problem

  1. Jacob (Israel) had four wives. Rachel had trouble conceiving. Jacob did love Rachel. 
  2. Adam and Eve had to bury a child. 

  3. Troubled kids have been around forever. God been helping parents forever. We run to everyone else but God. We need to know what God wants us to do with our kids. 

  4. Drinking, fornication, and dis-respectfulness occurred in biblical days too. 

  • Trouble in the house don't have to ruin the house. 
  1. Reuben had sex with father's concubine
  2. Simeon and Levi were mass murderers. 
  3. Jacob's sons started the 12 tribes of Israel. 
  4. Don't let troubled child influence the other children
  5. Porn, drugs, and alcohol usually introduced by family members. 
  6. Don't let anything foreign or domestic to hinder home. 
  7. Example: If you go to the store to buy pork chops, and there are maggots on the chops, do you still buy the chops? No, you want fresh chops, instead of maggot (sin-filled) chops. 
  8. Make strategic decisions concerning kids. If you know your child drinks, don't leave him around the youngest. 
  • Trouble should be addressed
Part A: Addressing the truth
  1. Tell children the truth about themselves. The unadulterated truth. No ballerina, tip-toeing around the truth. 
  2. Jacob went from general to specific, when addressed his kids. he was transparent. 
  3. truth with love can be liberating
  4. Remember the three B words: Bad, Belt, Bottom. Leroy was bad. He needs a belt on his bottom :-)
  5. Tell kids their behavior is bad and unacceptable. 
Part B: Truth about consequences

  1. Tell them what they aint gonna be if they do wrong. 
  2. It's a sin to know the right thing and do not do it. 
  3. There are different paths to being a bum. What are we going to do if we see kids on that path?
  4. Parents are scared to tell kids what's coming. Let them know what happens if they don't change lives. 
  5. People should help with the kids, but there is no replacement for the bible. 

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