Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Tragedy Paper

I read the Tragedy Paper, in exchange for review from Netgalley. The book was written by Elizabeth Laban. The book was also published by Random House Children's Books. The book is geared towards young adults.

Synopsis of the description from Amazon: 

The book's main character is Tim, who starts attending a fancy school. Tim does not want to be noticed, let alone make friends. He starts dating one of the popular girls in secret, which could ruin her reputation. The students also have to write a dissertation/thesis during their senior year, called the tragedy paper. Amazon also has an amazing interview with LaBan shortly after the pricing and general information about the book. Amazon also provides a map of the school.

My opinion of the book:

First and foremost, I love the cover. I used to attend graphic design school and this cover is simply amazing. The use of light and dark.

I also liked the concept of the tragedy paper. The kids had to define a tragedy, in the literary sense. I also feel the students' frustration in writing the paper. I am in the process of completing a masters project. I also have a dissertation during the doctorate portion of this program.

The book started out with Duncan, a senior, who is entering the dorms, waiting his surprise, from the last senior, who occupied his room. Tad is Duncan's friend. Duncan's gift was very interesting and made me want to read more. You definitely have to buy the book to determine his gift.

Chapter two starts the story of Tim. Tim is an Albino, starting his senior year of high school at Irving. Tim has already graduated and Duncan stays in Tim's old room. The gift really comes into play here and for the next few chapters. I had read about 50 pages at this point. Tim provides backs story of how his father died and information about his mother and step-father. Tim is an outcast and never really fit in. Going to the high school was supposed to help Tim fit in and find his self.

Enter Vanessa: The Popular Girl, the It girl. Vanessa and Tim met at an airport, during a flight delay (snow storm) Thanks to Tim's mother's travel agency connections, Tim was able to secure a room at a hotel quickly before they sold out. Tim invites Vanessa back to the hotel. Tim did not know at this point that Vanessa attended his high school. He had an inkling after seeing her in a shirt, with the school's mascot but couldn't id if it was for his school or another school. Vanessa also has a boyfriend.

The book was a very interesting read. Boy meets Girl. Boy invites Girl back to hotel. Boy likes Girl. Girl has boyfriend. Boy and Girl start a secret relationship.

The book is 9.99 on Amazon (kindle). It is also available in hardback and audio book.

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