Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dreamchild: Adventures in Relaxation and sleep

I read Dreamchild: adventures in relaxation and sleep by Dr. Thomas Jackson, in exchange for review from The book was edited by Sage Kalmus and Illustrated by Max H. Herr

The book provided cases of sleep issues within children. It also discussed typical fears children have at various stages. Next, the book provided clinical interviews of patients at different ages, who had different sleep problems and complaints. For example, David, 7 years old, had a short attention span and was afraid of the dark. The book discusses sleep schedules and routines. The book also covers the pros and cons of sleep medication, in addition to setting up a bedroom before bed. Some tips include no television (not possible for me since the boys and I share the same room); no sugary drinks, video games, and rough and tumble play within 30 minutes before bed. Some tips to have a successful bedtime include taking a warm bath, listening to music, or reading a story.

Parents also need to consider the room environment (lighting, temperature, pillows, mattresses, and comfortable sleeping clothes.). Parents also have to be aware of other distractions like noise (television, for example. Maybe the neighbor dog is barking or other people in the house are woke). Children need the same conditions for sleep each night and any deviations can lead to sleep disorders or the child been woke all night long. Sometimes deviations can become expectations. For example, if you rock your child to sleep for a few minutes, the child may expect to be rocked to sleep the next night.

The book also discusses co-sleeping, breast feeding, how sex affects co-sleeping, transitioning a child from the family bed to their own bed,

I chose this book because if Brad does not use sleep medications, he will stay awake for 24 hours or more, keeping myself and his brother woke as well. Currently, Brad is on melatonin and clonindine for sleep. I also bought an Autism CD, earlier last year, which is supposed to calm children, but it annoys me to pieces. It worked for Brad, but for some reason, the soundtrack makes me want to pull my hair out.

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