Sunday, December 9, 2012

Morgan's Wonderland

I took the kiddies to Morgan's Wonderland yesterday. Morgan's Wonderland is the world's first park for special needs kids. We got there via Megabus . I planned the trip for months, with some set backs. Anyway, I tried to move the trip but I waited too late to cancel the reservation (read the cancellation policy), but I could change the return trip. Had to borrow some money but I left and came back the same day. The trip took over 3 hours, in addition to an hour on public transportation (10 and 502). Once, we got to the park, it was amazing. People of all disabilitie and disorders in one place. From Autism to Aspergers to Dwarfism to deformed bodies to down syndrome. Every ride was equipped for wheelchairs, even the train around the park.


1. Megabus may have been high (as far as the baby paying full price) but the trip was a straight shot. No stops.
2. The lake around the park is beautiful
3. The food is cheap and good.
4. Sale on t-shirts. I need a few of them
5. Peace and quiet for the most part
6. Kids are free for life
7. GPS bands.
8. Wonderful Staff and volunteers
9. The playground. Lots of slides and swings and sway thingies.
10. Free hot chocolate and cookies.
11. Bus hardly had any passengers on the first level. kids slept most of the ride.
12. outlets on Megabus at every seat.
13. Met a man named Tim. Tim is schizo with other mental disorders. His wife had spina bifida (sp?). His daughter had spina bifida. His son was autistic, in addition to other mental disorders.

Low lights:

1. 2 busses to and from the park (other than megabus). No issue with the busses, just dealing with Brad on the bus.
2. Meltdown on the Wonderland Express. We walked to the WE. Brad got on the train. Conductor said ALL AbOARD. Brad jumped off train, grabbed stroller out of holding, pushed stroller into train. laid on the ground.
3. On the way back, Brad said he stunk. No bathrooms on the VIA. Hour bus ride to catch both busses back to the mega bus. Brad stood up and pulled down his pants on the bus, multiple times.
4. Met an elderly atheist on the VIA on the way back to megabus. Also part conspiracy theorist. He explained why he dont sing Christmas songs. Yeah, apparently the Roman empire was behind the creation of the diapered baby, aka the son. Mary is God and The roman emperor was "the father". To get through the son, you have to go through Mary. Easter has nothing to do with the resurrection, but the sale of eggs and some pagan holiday called ea star or esther or something. and we are bowing down to devils. He also explained his version of the JFK assassination. Some people was actually listening to him passionately, while I was hoping he will get off before I would.

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