Thursday, February 1, 2018

Design Evo Logo Maker Software Review (Pearl Mountain Technology)

I reviewed Design Evo, logo making software from Pearl Mountain Technology. I was not compensated in product or money for the review.

Design Evo is a free logo-making website. The website has both free and premium items. You can design a logo with or without creating an account. If you create an account, you are able to save your creations for future use. You can sign up with your email or connect to Facebook.

I used the software to create the logo for Perfect Chaos. The software was easy to use. It was great going through the different elements and piecing together a logo. You can create a design from scratch or use a premade templates and customize it.

For my logo, I incorporated Perfect Chaos into text. I also added puzzle pieces because my children have Autism. I also added a figure, who is frustrated, because many days, I am frustrated with trying to hold it together as a woman, a mom, a daughter, a friend, etc. I finally put a heart around the whole design. I chose blue as the background for Autism. The blue also popped against all the chosen elements.

With the premade logos, you can choose from different categories, such as food, abstract, sports, fashion, childcare, and medical.

You can choose from different background colors, shapes, fonts, and icons to piece together a logo for your business or even your blog. The icon section has millions of images to search through, using the search bar or popular searches.

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