Sunday, July 3, 2016

Would a worm go on a walk? Review (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

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I received Would a Worm go on a Walk, in exchange for honest review by FlyBy Blog Promotions. The book was written by Hannah C. Hall and illustrated by Bill Bolton. The book is Christian based.

About the Book:

“Would a worm go on a walk, if you could lead him down the street? / Would he wear his tiny tennies, if he had two worm-sized feet?”

So begins this humorous and imaginative picture book that introduces children to the idea that animals are uniquely created by a loving and wise God. Would a Worm Go on a Walk?,with its colorful, comical illustrations, is a fresh, fun way to teach young children that God created all things very good. 

He gave all the animals, and children, too, wonderful qualities and unique strengths. Children will giggle over the ridiculous scenarios presented, and they will come away with the knowledge that we all are loved and special.

About the Author:

Hannah C. Hall is the author of best-selling children’s books, including God Bless You and Good
Night and God Bless Our Christmas, as well as an award-winning blog,

Hannah lives in Prairie Grove, AK with her husband, Josh, a worship pastor, and their four children.

My Review:

The book was a quick read. It was also quite cheesy, yet cute. The book shows how God created animals to be unique and not like anyone or anything else. Worms don't walk and lady bugs don't dance. God wants you to be unique because you are special to him.

You can purchase the book is hardback format only using the link above. .

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