Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dollar General Pull-ups Campaign (Linqia)

Kalen is being double potty trained---at home and at school. He is also learning how to wash his hands (succeeded); learning how to flush the toilet (succeeded), and  pulling up his clothes after toileting (mostly a success). One thing, I need is the right training pants. I start buying training pants last year once his school started potty training him. The teacher wanted the parents to be on the same page. I had to make the switch from buying diapers to buying Pull-ups.

The main brand, I have been using is Pull-ups Training Pants. The pants come in multiple sizes and multiple designs. Kalen just started wearing the 3Ts. I buy two bags per month--one for home and one for school.


Tips and Tricks for Potty Training
Potty Training Personality Quiz for Kids (Kalen is an owl and has traits of a bear)

Sign up for Dollar General Digital coupons by clicking here or texting JOIN to 34898 to begin saving. Once you create an account, you can load coupons to use at your local Dollar General. You can use the store locator to find the nearest Dollar General. You can also download a coupon to save $2 off Pull-ups. 

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