Friday, March 11, 2016

Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Bands Review (Tomoson

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received Pinjian Ultimate Resistance Bands, in exchange for honest review. The set comes in 10 pieces, 12 pieces, 16 pieces, and 20 pieces. I got the 12 piece set. The 12 piece set comes with the following:

  1. Storage bag
  2. Chest expander
  3. Door anchor
  4. Foot cradles (2)
  5. Foam grips (2)
  6. 30 lb resistance band
  7. 25 lb resistance band
  8. 15 lb resistance band
  9. 10 lb resistance band
  10. 20 lb resistance band. 
I liked the chest expander because I never used one before. The set was easy to use in workouts. I also wanted to incorporate the door anchor. I had one before, but it arrived after I took down my bedroom door (well what was left of it after my son destroyed it). Then, I remembered, I have two closet doors. One door has a door gym and the other door is free for the Pinjian system. The system does not interfere with my child locks. 

You can purchase the set using the link above. The set is prime-eligible .

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