Sunday, November 15, 2015

NuFlush Adult/Child Toilet Seat Review

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I received the Combination Child and Adult Toilet Seat All White Low Profile. in exchange for honest review (self-pitch on Amazon). Icc wanted the seat to be on the same page as Kalen's school. They use a traditional child toilet, while I had bought a urinal (he never used) and a child potty, which he used for putting his foot in; moving around the house; and throwing at his brother.

When the seat arrives, you have the toilet seat and hardware needed to install. You will need a screwdriver. You have a flat, white piece, which helps seat the black screw holder and screw in. You have the black, silicone (I think) piece, which holds the screw. You also have the screws. The process took me about 15-20 minutes because I had distractions. The old toilet seat was easy to remove.

You can see the process in the video above. The only issue, I had was the black piece. When  you first insert it, it does not go completely down. The back of the toilet seat is removable. You remove the back piece first, install the hardware, and slide the toilet seat on top of it.

The flat, white piece goes down first, then the black part. Use a screwdriver and push it all the way down. Then insert the screws and tighten down. The back part also has locks to lock the seat in place. Lock the locks after you finish the process.

Kalen has been sitting on the child seat more than his regular potty. He also has been flushing the toilet and washing his hands. He hasn't peed or pooped yet on the toilet, but time will tell.

You can purchase the seat, using the link above. The seat is not prime-eligible.

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