Friday, November 20, 2015

Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish Review

I received Del Sol Color Changing Nail Polish in exchange for honest review. Del Sol's polishes changes colors in the sun. For example, the pink polish in the picture, turns into a blue.

When I went out into the sun, I noticed tints of blue on my nails, but not a full blue. I walked my son to school. I also walked around the neighborhood and part of the way to a church event. I am not sure how much sun exposure you need to get a full color change. I rarely go out and don't get a lot of sun, except walking back and forth to the mailbox.

Del Sol uses spectrachrome crystals to help change the polish with sunlight. They have used this technology with clothing, sunglasses, and with nail polish.

The crystals are hypoallergenic.

Del Sol has created over 300 colors, which change when exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays. The sun helps expose the other colors to the naked eye.

You can purchase any of Del Sol's products using the link above.

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