Monday, November 16, 2015

Natural Bridge Caverns Review (US Family Guide)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by US Family Guide Bloggers Program. I received 4 tickets to go to the caverns. My mother also bought 4 extra tickets to cover the other relatives.

My mother wanted to plan a family trip this year. Last year, we took a cruise to the Bahamas via Carnival. This year, she wanted to go to San Antonio, Texas. I asked if she was going to SA, then I want to go to take my kids to Morgan's Wonderland, a special needs park. Last time the kids and I went (2012), Kalen was not walking yet and didn't do anything.

My mother started researching places, she wanted to go, but realized she got in over her head. She wanted to go to the petting zoo, Ripley's, the safari (across from Natural Bridge Caverns) and a few other places, including the Caverns.  She didn't realize how much it will cost for at least 5 ppl to visit these places. She asked for my  help with discounts. I just happen to see the Natural Bridge Caverns on US Family Guide and requested tickets.

I wasn't sure how my kids would react in the caverns. I have been to the Tennessee Caverns before, but that was with my ex husband only. They did good for the most part. Some tips for the caverns include: bring water, prepare to sweat, and take your time walking. The caverns can get hot at times. Some of the pathways are also slippery. Make sure to bring some good walking shoes. Also, make sure your camera or camcorders is charged. I was glad I bought a power bank because my phone went dead in the caverns and I forgot my camcorder charger at home. You will experience a guided tour, but still take your time and walk at your own pace. The caverns does have some steep up and down ramps. I got a good workout, especially with Kalen in a carrier, mostly sleep. Brad also did a good job in the caverns.

The Natural Bridge Caverns has a lot of activities for families to do. From the caverns, a food court, and a ziplining course. The caverns  have different tours available such as the lantern tour, where you travel the caves with a lantern light. Maybe you want to pan for fossils and gems or go spelunking.

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