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Unlikely Rebel Review (Kregel Blog Tours)

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I received Unlikely Rebel: A Church Girl's Journey out of Shoulds and Shame, in exchange for honest review from Kregel Blog Tours. The book was written by Kelli Gotthardt. The book is Christian-based.

The book is about rebelling from the comforts of trying to do everything to leading a life full of freedom and love from God. I know I try to do everything alone and I hate to ask for help from anyone.

My favorite passage was on p. 14, which said: " The challenge with breaking the rules, however, discerning, which rules to break and when." I thought of times, when I could have or was a rebel, whether for the good side or the dark side. I chose celibacy, which went against the promiscuous life I used to lead. I said no to moving in with a friend, who wants a relationship. I switched majors and schools when I realized I could not afford to continue in a doctorate program. I had to shut down social media while doing homework or I would get distracted. Most of my rebellion took place as an adult, whether good or bad.

As a Christian, I thought of times, where I rebelled against God or rebelled for God. I have lied and lusted, but I will pay tithes without hesitation now. I am a sinner, who wants to grow closer to God, but this means rebelling against social norms, widely accepted.

Chapter 6 focuses on letting go of having it all together. I don't always admit I don't have it all together to people. My life is a mess. This week, Aunt Flo showed up followed by Brad having major meltdowns at school. He got a new teacher, which I did not know about. He does not respond to change well. My mother also asked me to do something, I don't feel right in my soul about and felt pressure to do so, and still don't feel right about days later. Brad missed school yesterday and may miss Monday because of his behavior. Kalen keeps crying and screaming for no reason.

I may have it together on the main pages of social media, but I cry a lot because this is not the life I want, right now. In church, a few weeks ago, the pastor's wife discussed how people say they are ok or fine, when they are not. I am guilty of this. I am not ok. I get depressed. I get lonely. I wish my kids was not special needs sometimes. I am sick of cleaning up the same things over and over and over again, multiple times a day because one of my kids knocked it over time and time and time again.

Gotthardt also discussed letting go of the approval of others; letting go of being nice; letting go of being a perfect parent (which I am not); and letting go of the past (which I struggle with). This is a good book.

The author discussed how she had to say no to taking on too many ministries at church, even though her husband was the pastor. She could no longer handle the mental strain of doing too much.

There were also times, I should have rebelled against something which did not feel right in my soul and now I regret.

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