Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#TryImpressaPoise Impressa Campaign (Linqia)

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Linqia. I will receive $10 at the end of the campaign for reimbursement of the sizing kit.

Poise has developed a new way to control light bladder leakage and urinary incontinence. The LBL market has many options, which include pads and adult undies. Some people also use water proof undies, not to mention regular menstrual pads and pantiliners. 

The Poise Impressa Sizing Kit is a bladder support, similar to a tampon, for light bladder leakage. The sizing kit comes with 2 of each size, 1, 2, and 3. Each bladder support comes with an smooth plastic applicator for insertion. The applicator does require a little push. The difference between a regular tampon and the Impressa is the top of the support is a little wider and squarer to prevent leaks. 

Impressa can prevent leaks up to 8 hours per day. Leaks can occur from exercise, laughing, sneezing, heavy lifting, etc. 

For me, I experience leakage when laughing, cleaning up, and dealing with the kids. I normally use pantiliners or menstrual pads for leakage. 

#TryImpressa today. I got my kit from Amazon (prime-eligible) but the kit is also sold at Walmart and other stores. Availability varies. 

Click here to get a downloadable coupon for $2 off an Poise Impressa Sizing Kit. Use the coupon to find your perfect fit and then continue to purchase the correct size box of your size in the future.

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