Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lazarus Awakening (Blogging for Books)

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I received Lazarus Awakening DVD Study Pack: Finding Your Place in the Heart of God, in exchange for honest review. The pack came with the book and DVD accompaniment. The book was written by Joanna Weaver. The book is about letting go of false beliefs and habits. What sets this book apart from other study guides is :

  1. You have room to write notes. 
  2. The bible verses for the reference passages are included at the back of the book. If you forgot your bible, you can still read along. 
  3. You have study questions for both the book and fill in the blanks questions for the dvd guide. 
  4. You have space at the back of the book for writing notes if you run out of room. 
Each chapter also has a make a plan section, which you write down areas of your life, which needs improvement and developing a plan to break free. For example, I struggle with prayer, obedience, and service. For service, I would love to volunteer more at church, especially the media ministry, but I don't have transportation to get to and from any trainings whenever that is. Now my church is taking volunteers for the media ministry. I just have to email for more information, but I hate to volunteer and the hours available are when I need to get the kids off the bus. I could walk to church though. Take about 30 minutes or so. I can use the training to help out my church plus adds experience to my resume. c

You also can buy Lazarus Awakening Study Guide: Finding Your Place in the Heart of God in paperback or Kindle without the DVD. The DVD pack or solo study guide is prime-eligible.

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