Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pure Naturals Cacao Nibs Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received Pure Natural Miracles Cacao Nibs, Raw and Organic, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. While the nibs are not sweet, they do  have health benefits, plus crunch. I love the resealable bag, so the nibs won't waste everywhere. I had one incident where I forgot to seal the bag and the nibs went all over my bed.

I have added the nibs so far to plain yogurt for a crunch.

Cacao Nibs contains antioxidants, which supports the body. Cacao nibs also can improve heart health. On the other hand, the side effects of cacao nibs include "anxiety, heartburn, sleeplessness, and abnormal heart rhythms." Cacoa nibs also contains caffeine.

You can purchase Pure Natural Cacao Nibs, using the link above. Cacao nibs are prime-eligible.

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