Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#BehindTheBlogger Who do you Think you Are

#BehindTheBlogger Who do you think you are?

When I first saw the title, I was divided between discussing me or my kids. Let's discuss Kalen.

Kalen has started to pick up some of Brad's behaviors. Kalen is very observant. He may not pick up on something at first, but he eventually gets it, even if it's the wrong thing. The last thing I need is two Brad's.

Brad has a violent and aggressive side. Every day, something is getting thrown at me or at the walls, when he doesn't get his way. When he is mad, he uses three main words: bitch, no, and ooohhh. With the last few days, Kalen has knocked over my bedroom door multiple times for fun, while Brad was the one, who took down the door in the first place in a fit of rage. I am hesitant to put the door back on the hinges because I don't want it coming down again because of Brad's anger. Takes too much work to put it back up.

Brad also likes to throw shoes at the wall and at people. Kalen decided today, he will knock down the entire shoe rack with all the shoes still on it, twice. Who does Kalen think he is? If he is 4 and already picking up on Brad's bad behavior, then I am in trouble in the long run. Stacie needs serious help with both kids then, but not everyone understands that.

I have to return a call tomorrow to a home health agency for Brad because I do need extra help and I already had opposition from a relative for the aide to help me. I just can't do this parenting alone anymore, especially special needs parenting.

This is who I am. I am a special needs parent.

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