Thursday, August 6, 2015

Patterns of Evidence DVD Review (FlyBy Blog Promotions)

I received the DVD in exchange for honest review from FlyBy Blog Promotions.

About Patterns of Evidence: (from media kit)

For more than 50 years, the vast majority of the world's most prominent archaeologists and historians have proclaimed that there is no hard evidence to support the Exodus story found in the Bible. In fact, they say that the archaeological record is completely opposed to the Bible's account.

This view of extreme skepticism has spread from academia to the world. The case against the Exodus appears to be so strong that even some religious leaders are labeling this ancient account as historical fiction. 

Filmmaker Timothy Mahoney begins with the questions, "Is the Bible just a myth, or did the archaeologists get it wrong?" He decides to tackle this issue wit a deliberate scientific approach.

After examining the details in the biblical text, he journeys across the globe to search for patterns of evidence firsthand. The result is the most in-depth archaeological investigation into the Exodus from Egypt ever captured on film. This scientific documentary's goal is to communicate the TRUTH of the Bible and help equip believers with defending their faith and the Bible.

The DVD features stunning animations and a cast including narrator, Kevin Sorbo (God's Not Dead, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), interviews with leading archaeologists including Israel Finkelstein, Kent Weeks, and David Rohl, and guest appearances by Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres.

My Review

I enjoyed the video more than expected. I loved the part where the speakers discussed King David. This was the part, which intrigued me the post, finding evidence King David exists. Another interesting part was the time line discussion. The speakers were discussing how the time line for the world (ages) compared to the time line for the bible during the Exodus did not match up. If historians would adjust the time frame for one of the dark ages, it would match up more accurately. Finally, I remember hearing something briefly about the pharaohs. The pharaoh during Moses's time, who refused to let the slaves go and the pharaoh, during King David's time. The DVD was very interesting. 

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