Tuesday, August 4, 2015

goPure Lavender Essential Oil Review

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received goPURE Lavender Essential Oil - 4 Oz , in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. goPure is 100% Lavender oil. The company added no preservatives or additives to the product. For me, I use Lavender on my kids to try to coax them to sleep. I also mix Lavender, peppermint, and other essential oils for the body. Next, I recently got a diffuser for review. I add a drop or two of Lavender alone or with other essential oils to improve the smell of the room.

Lavender oil has so many uses, whether aromatherapy or a calming aid.

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The Complete Guide To Clinical Aromatherapy and Essential Oils of The Physical Body: Essential Oils for Beginners (The Secret Healer Book 1)

Essential Oils For Beginners:

Essential Oils: Essential Guide on Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Weight Loss, Stress Relief, Anti-aging and Healthy Living

You can purchase goPure's lavender oil, using the link above. The oil is prime-eligible.

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