Monday, July 20, 2015

All you want to know about the bible in pop culture review (BookLook Bloggers)

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I read All You Want to Know About the Bible in Pop Culture: Finding Our Creator in Superheroes, Prince Charming, and Other Modern Marvels, in exchange for honest review from BookLook Bloggers. The book was written by Kevin Harvey.

The book discusses how God is seen in pop culture. From how Superman has similarities to Jesus. Superman came from another land to be a light unto the world. He saved the world too. Batman also took the blame for things, he did not do so people of Gotham City would have hope. Jesus also died for our sins so we can have everlasting life. Thor died and was resurrected too.

The book also discussed one of my favorite movies, Bruce Almighty. In the movie, Jim Carrey was given godly powers. The power came with a dog, who peed in the toilet and other things, which should not have happened. :-). The author discussed how people in the bible were given tasks to do, but they failed. Moses was supposed to strike a rock to get water, but he did not trust God. Because of his actions, the people were in the wilderness longer than they wanted. David killed Bathsheba's husband.

Another thing, I liked in the book is the side notes. One of the side notes, discussed superheroes, not discussed in the book, such as Wolverine and Ghost Rider. Another side note, discussed why Jezebel will never be a Disney Princess. Of course, Anna and Elsa are in the book too. Anna wanted to save her sister and was frozen for a moment as a result. Anna was able to warm Elsa's heart and they lived together in harmony with a talking snowman. The book also discusses Rapunzel, The Croods, Despicable Me, and witches.

I also liked the chapter, Now I see it, Now I don't. The author provides the good, bad, and ugly on characters , such as Sheldon Cooper's mother.

The book is a great and interesting read.

You can purchase the book in paperback and Kindle format.

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