Friday, June 26, 2015

The Roots Naturelle Hair Oil Moisturizer Review (Tomoson)

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I received The Roots Naturelle Premium Hair Oil Moisturizer , in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The product is a hair oil moisturizer and a leave-in conditioner. I wanted this product for me, who suffers from dry scalp and itchiness. Even though, I don't have hair, I still need moisturizer.

I also have used the product on Kalen, my niece, and great niece.

The moisturizer contains shea butter and caster oil. It also leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized. For my head and kids head, I used very little. For my niece, I had to use more since she has a million bags of weave in her scalp.

The moisturizer also gives your head a shine, if you have a shaved head.

Kalen with the hair moisturizer in his head

mama and son both using the moisturizer

VIDEO REVIEW (pending, needs careful editing)

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