Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Strength Stack 52 Review (Tomoson)

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

I received the Stack 52 Exercise Cards Complete Pack, in exchange for honest review. The complete pack comes with the fitness cards, the insane pack, the weight loss cards, and the expansion pack. It also comes with the quick sweat dice (in the black bag).

The quick sweat dice is a neat concept. You roll dice to get an exercise and the number of reps to perform.

Stack 52 has made some innovative health and fitness products. The complete pack is one of these innovations.

On each card, you have a workout, a skill level, and a QR code, which links to a video. You will need a QR reader to access the video. I never really used one before reviewing this product.

You can customize your workouts, using different cards, based on your skill level. You can workout alone or workout with others. The cards easily fit into your purse, back pack, or gym bag. For me, I use beginner exercises. You won't catch me planking, but I will try the push ups or jumping jacks. I like having to see the workout before trying out the workout.

I will do a video later on tonite or tomorrow to show you how to use the QR codes on the cards.

If a workout is too hard, you can swap out the cards to meet your needs.

You can purchase the complete pack, using the link above. You also can purchase individual sets, and other Stack 52 products. The company also has a book with exercises.

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