Monday, June 1, 2015

Mediband Review (Tomoson)

Brad's red bracelet says I have Autism

I received Mediband, in exchange for honest review. I received two small medibands, which you write the diagnosis on (a write-on bracelet). I wanted to review the bracelets for Kalen. Brad, currently had a bracelet, which says "I have Autism", but Kalen has five diagnosis and no medical identification.

Kalen has Global Development Delays, Autism, Anemia, Static Encephalopathy, and Sensory Processing Disorder. The bracelet is more for the Static Encephalopathy because it causes breath holding spells and seizures.

Kalen trying to remove the band

To use the bracelet, you write on the inside with the diagnoses with an ink pen or marker. Next, you place the bracelet quickly in boiling water to set the ink or marker.

I had no issues with the bracelets, except getting Kalen to keep them on. The longest he kept the bracelet on was a few hours. I may put it around his leg, since it is harder for him to remove the bracelet.

You can order a bracelet with a specific diagnosis or condition. You also can order the write-on bracelets, if your condition or diagnosis is not specified. You also received 6 months of free online access to a website, which stores your medical conditions or diagnoses.

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