Thursday, April 2, 2015

Abigail and the Tropical Island by #TaliCarmi Review (Tomoson)

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I read Abigail and the Tropical Island Adventure, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The book was written by Tali Carmi and illustrated by Neda Fuchedzhieva.

Abigail, once again, goes on a magical adventure, on her magical bike. Her grandpa gave her the magical bike at the beginning of the Abigail series.  In this book, Abigail visits an archipelago, or a group of islands. She makes a new friend right away, while exploring the beaches. She learns about pearls and star fish, while also going to a friend's birthday party. Abigail also has to help the natives solve a problem.

The book was a quick read, which is perfect for my kids. I also loved the colorful illustrations. The beaches, the coconut trees, and the characters. Kalen loved this book, especially the pictures.

You can purchase the book on Amazon, using the link above in Kindle format only. The book is also available for free using Kindle Unlimited. You also can purchase other Abigail books on Amazon. You also can check out the Terry Treetop series by Tali Carmi.

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