Saturday, March 28, 2015

No Tie Elastic Laces Review (Tomoson)

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Brad's blue shoe with no tie laces

Brad's Blue Shoe with No Tie Laces

Brad's shoe with the no tie shoe laces

One shoe with a no tie lace and one shoe without a no tie lace

No Tie Laces

I received the No Tie Shoelaces FAST MILE, in exchange for honest review from Tomoson. The No Tie Laces was created by FastMile.  You receive a pack of 3 no tie laces.

I wanted to review the laces to save time in the mornings. My oldest son, Brad, is Autistic and ADHD. He is 14 years old and can not tie his shoes. Putting his shoes on has taken more than 30 minutes before. We have to put on the shoes (and risk my hands and feet being stepped on). Then, I tie his laces multiple times before the bus comes. The process is tiring and the no tie laces have saved me valuable time, that we can fuss and fight about everything else, he doesn't want to put on (pants, shirt, soap, socks, belt,)

The first time, I used the laces, it took me a minute because I put the bells on backwards. With each kit, you get 2 laces, two push down units, and 2 bells, which goes over the knots you tie towards the end. You also get instructions. I put the bells on backwards and they could not go over the knot.  I had to untie the knot and start over. I also had issues pressing down the push down unit long enough to slide the laces through. After a few tries, your finger pads will start hurting.

Once I finished the brown shoes, I had to wait until Brad got home from school to see if he can put on the shoes without my assistance and he did it. I worked on the blue shoes a few days later. These are his two favorite pairs of shoes with laces. Before, I actively sought out velcro shoes, but velcro, at Payless, for a men's shoe, started at $30. Whew that's a lot of money for a shoe, which may not last long. Brad can wear (and tear) a shoe out with the best of them. From ripped out regular laces to open mouth shoes, to the leather coming off.

You can purchase a 3 pack using the link above.


In the first video, I demonstrate how to swap out your regular laces for the no tie laces. In the second video, my son, Brad, aka #BradtheBad, puts on a pair of his shoes, without my assistance. 

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